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Yes, we have WiFi :)

It is 2nd winter break up here in Summit County!

I know a lot of local families are still here in the county, and parents are trying to work and entertain their I wanted to drop a quick reminder that Wild and Free can be a great place to get some work done while your kids play!

We have WiFi and welcome working parents (please know you are still responsible for your kiddo as we don't offer childcare). Slowest times are around lunch and through the early afternoon...busiest times are usually in the morning right when we open until lunchtime.

We are open all week with a closure for a birthday party on Saturday morning:

Tuesday: 10a - 6p

Wednesday: 10a - 6p

Thursday: 10a - 6p

Friday: 10a - 4p

Saturday: 1p - 4p (closed in the AM for a party)

Come in tonight for adult creative hour and learn to make a pair of handwarmers ($22 for non-members, $12 for members)...and next Tuesday (2/28) is Crochet and Play night:

Enjoy the break and I hope to see you at Wild and Free soon!

Stay Wild and Free,


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