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We are hiring! Plus a fun class for adults...

Happy Thanksgiving week! I know it can be a lot to have everyone at home this week - try to make some time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Even a quick walk around the block (think 10 minutes!) can give your mood a boost and calm frayed nerves. No matter what the weather, you can do it!

A reminder about our hours for this week:

Tuesday 11/22: 10a - 6p

Wednesday 11/23: 10a - 1p

Thursday 11/24: CLOSED Friday 11/25: 10a - 4p

Saturday 11/26: CLOSED for a private party

Sunday 11/27: CLOSED

If you are looking to start some work in the new year, I'd love to have you join our team at Wild and Free! I am looking for help on Sundays and Mondays starting in January (10a - 4p - if a few people are interested, these shifts can be divided into smaller chunks as well!). I could also do some evening hours (3p - 6p Tues, Weds, Thurs). Kids are welcome to join you while you work and a membership to W+F is included as a perk :) Duties include checking customers in, picking up toys, cleaning, and selling concessions (employees must be 18+ since we serve beer/wine). If you know someone who is looking for work, please pass my information along to them...I can be reached at .

We have a new craft class for adults on Tuesday, December 13th - Crochet and Play! Whether you are a seasoned veteran or newbie like me, come learn to crochet and take home a holiday bauble! Your kiddos can play while you crochet and enjoy a beverage.

I hope you have a great week! Stay tuned for more classes and events as we get into December!

Stay Wild and Free,


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