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Upcoming Closures

If you have plans to visit Wild and Free over the next few weeks, I wanted to give some advanced notice of upcoming planned closures:

We will be closing at 1p on Saturday 1/21 for a private party, join us for play in the morning!

We will be closed until 4p on Tuesday 1/24 as our family will be out on a quick adventure - join us for play after school starting at 4p...and if you are feeling crafty, you can participate in our Crochet and Play class that starts at 4:30!

We will be closed Saturday 1/28 for two parties - no open play this day.

Our family is heading out on a quick winter yurt trip next weekend, hence the daytime closure on Tuesday. We are excited to check out for a bit as we don't get many opportunities to step away from work during the busy winter months!

This weekend we did a quick tour out on the trails in Horseshoe Gulch with the kiddos. It was the first time we have all been able to explore in the forest on skis! Ellie is doing SKIMO (ski mountaineering) through the middle school, so she has a great set-up for touring and is getting really strong. For Reagan, we bought a pair of Contour Ski Adapter bindings through Mountain Outfitters in Breckenridge and cut a pair of our old skins to fit her alpine skis (we do a ski trade-in program through Mountain Sports Outlet in Silverthorne). They worked really well (and being adjustable, they should for a few years!), and when her legs got tired, Brian was able to hook up a rope to help tow her a little ways further. As always, we had candy and honey stinger stroopwafels on hand to help with encouragement and both kids LOVED the ski down on the trail.

A reminder that we have Crochet and Play next Tuesday 1/24 at 4:30p! Learn to crochet a heart for Valentines Day!

Remember to join us on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month (pro-tip...tomorrow, 1/18, is the 3rd Wednesday of January...) for Community Charcuterie and for Lego Happy Hour every Thursday!

Hope to see you soon - enjoy the incoming snowstorm and don't forget to play!

Stay Wild and Free,


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