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Transitioning to Outdoor Play

I am writing this OUTSIDE! Reagan is riding her bike around the cul-de-sac, Lulu is eating grass in the yard, and I can actually hear birds chirping. *High fives*

I love the transition from winter to spring and summer. It feels like waking up after a solid 10 hours of restful sleep. For the most part, it is much easier to convince the kiddos to get outside and play when the weather is pleasant. For kids that struggle with transitions or even on days when they just feel like hanging in their PJs, here are some ideas for transitioning kids from indoor play to getting outside:

One thing to keep in mind with outdoor play is that less is more. Kids don't need to have every second of their day meticulously planned out for them. It is good for them to be forces them to use their imaginations and sparks creativity. Plus...this frees up time for you as a parent or caregiver to get some things done yourself...or just catch a few pages of a good book.

I hope this week holds plenty of walks, hikes, bike rides, and other outdoor adventures for you and your family.

Stay Wild and Free!


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