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The sun is in my eyes

Have you noticed the change in daylight over the past week? We've made it through some of the darkest days of the remains light until after 5p again and the first gray light is silhouetting the mountains to the east by 6:15a. I noticed it yesterday afternoon at the pool when the sun was in my eyes while I was watching Reagan lap the red slide 345 times. Last week there was no sun! It feels like a victory to be marching towards spring - especially when we are waking up to sub-zero temps!

A few notes about upcoming classes and parties - please check our calendar before coming in as we have Friday and Saturday parties on the calendar:

Tomorrow, Saturday 2/4, we have a birthday party in the AM so are only open for play from 1p - 4p. Remember to check our calendar before you come over to play!

Tuesday, 2/7, Friends of the Dillon Ranger District will be at Wild and Free from 4:30p - 5:00p. They will be sharing pelts, scat, and tracks from local animals that call Summit County home! This fun event is included with your admission/membership so drop in to play and learn!

Wednesday, 2/8 we are hosting the Dillon Valley Elementary PTSA meeting at 5:30p. So we will be closing half an hour early on that day.

Friday, 2/10 we have a birthday party in the AM. Our open play times for Friday will be 2p - 4p.

Saturday, 2/11 we have a birthday party in the AM. Our open play times for Saturday will be 1p - 4p.

I've been getting crafty over the past few weeks and made these little handwarmers...they are filled with rice and lavender flowers. If you stick them in the microwave for 30 seconds you can stuff them in a pocket or your mittens to warm them up a bit. Keep an eye out for a class to make your own coming soon!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend - hope to see you for some play soon!

Stay Wild and Free,


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