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The fairies are coming...

I hope the end of the school year went smoothly for all the school-aged parents out there! If your last few weeks were anything like ours, then a little time without any social events might feel pretty darn good right now.

We are rolling into summer mode at Wild and Free, which means a few things.

  1. It is a lot quieter...who doesn't love being outside in this weather?! I do miss you all, terribly, so don't be afraid to mix up your routine and swing by :)

  2. We are able to offer some really fun classes! With fewer people dropping by for play, it is a great chance for us to partner with other local businesses to host events and get people together even when the sun is shining. Check out all the fun classes on our website! We've got another paint and sip class next week, and our first kids and clay class as well!

  3. The fairies are coming back! I am planning to set up the fairy trail this Thursday, 6/9.

My rudimentary map shows the location of the trail - parking is off Brian Ave. near the intersection with 5th in Silverthorne. The trail is across the soccer field and through the gate in the fence.

The plan is to get over to the trail around 3p. I'm mentioning this here because I know that some families have expressed interest in being a part of the fairy trail set-up. If there are kiddos who want to help set up the houses, I'll save the setting up of the actual fairies until either the next morning or later in the evening after all the kids leave. We've got to preserve the magic!

If you have houses that you'd like to donate to the trail, I am happy to have them. Please note that they must be able to withstand the weather (rain, snow, wind...etc.). If there are loose pieces, cardboard/paper, or other things that seem like they won't hold up, they will be removed. Natural materials are preferred or pre-made fairy houses that are designed to be outside. We are being allowed to use this space by the generosity of Summit School District and it is our responsibility to keep it in order.

Thereafter, the trail will be set up and ready for exploration!

Please respect the trail and practice "leave no trace" principles. Don't leave trash, food, or your own fairy materials on the trail. Please also don't take any materials from the trail! After this initial set-up, you are welcome to bring your fairy trail donations to Wild and Free and we will get them set out.

We are working with SSD and Friends of the Dillon Ranger District and will be hosting a family trail day on the fairy trail in July. We will be laying mulch, trimming back branches, and doing other light maintenance to ensure the trail stays in great shape. More details to follow but save the date for the morning of July 30th!

Enjoy the sunshine and please reach out if you have any questions about the Fairy Trail!


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