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Singing in the Rain

Boy have we been lucky this spring...we are on one of our first rainy, gray days. It has been SO nice that our kids are moping and doping around a bit wondering what the heck to do (aside from school work of course...). Originally hailing from New England, we learned that rain is a way of life and if we didn't play in the rain, well, our days outside would have been numbered. Our kids? Not so are some ideas for ways to engage in rainy day play:

Our kids have used Rite in the Rain journals (we found them in the checkout line at REI...gets me every time!). They both love to draw, and watching the robins pull fat worms out of the earth in a rain storm makes for a great subject. They are fun to take on hikes too. Turn a snack break into an impromptu art session...anything to keep it interesting.

If you are looking for kiddo rain gear, the Muddy Buddy rain suit is a great option for kids up to the age of 5ish. Otherwise, a rain jacket and rain pants have worked just fine for our kids. Those simple rain ponchos work too. We love waterproof hiking shoes for footwear since they can be worn both playing outside and on hikes. Rubber "wellies" work great as well for a simple rain boot...our kids feet tend to get sweaty in them.

I hope this inspires some rainy, outdoor adventures for your family. Embrace the rain and know that sunny, warm, summer days are ahead!

Stay Wild and Free,


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