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Renting Gear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

One of the challenges with outfitting your kids in good quality outdoor gear can be the expense. High quality gear is expensive, kids grow fast, and you get what you pay for! We've talked before about different options for second-hand outdoor clothing, but what if you are just traveling to a winter location for a week? Do you really need a whole set of clothing that your kiddo will only use once?

A great solution to this challenge is to rent clothing. Yes, rent it! Just like a pair of skis! Here in Summit County we have a local company called Mountain Kid Outfitters:

They will DELIVER full sets of snow clothes (coat, snow pants, fleece, gloves/mittens, goggles, and a neck gaiter) to your destination in Summit County. What does this mean for you? No packing the bulky layers, no worrying about having all the right sizes...just show up and you are ready to go!

Where else can you rent gear? REI locations will often provide rental equipment for you. Another amazing company called Kit Lender operates on a national level with snow and camping clothing and gear...and they deliver as well!

Next time you are getting ready for your outdoor adventure trip, consider renting the clothing and gear that you will need. You will save time and money at the airport, packing will be a breeze, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your family will be in high quality gear to keep everyone comfortable in the great outdoors.

Stay Wild and Free,


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