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Play is Enough

It is enough to leave the house just to play.

As adults, we do it all the time here in Summit County. We devote entire days to skiing, biking, hiking, climbing, and paddling.

What about play for our kids?

As much as we need adult leisure time, our kids need play. We have them signed up for all sorts of organized activities, but what about unstructured free play? Why is it harder to just let our kids be? Is it so bad to have downtime where they need to figure things out for themselves?

Open ended play (play without set rules or a defined path), teaches resourcefulness, cooperation, negotiation, empathy, and a myriad of other social skills. It is critical to their development (and your sanity) to not orchestrate every minute of their day. It is such a relief to be able to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, a magazine, a list, a book, or nothing at all, and just let your kids be.

That is what Wild and Free is here for. A break. A change in the routine. Even when the weather is nice, you can still pop in for an hour or so to give yourself a break from refereeing the wee ones. The beauty of indoor play is that it is contained. I'm the first one you'll find outside on a nice day, but I also recognize the difference and importance of indoor play vs. outdoor play. Indoor play develops fine motor skills, exposes them to different materials and encourages close interactions and play scenarios with kids of other ages. It all works in concert with time playing outside on the playground (big motor skills, running, jumping, balancing).

So come and play! Get a membership and make us a part of your weekly routine - yes, even when the weather gets warmer. Compliment your outdoor play with some indoor time - it's okay! You might find it a nice change of pace!

Since play is enough for our kids, we are continuing to focus on adult events...that way you have something to do while your kids play!

Our next Crochet and Play class is on the books for Tuesday, February 28th:

Next week we will have Adult Creative Hour on Tuesday (2/21) afternoon. From 4:30p - 5:30p learn to make these sweet handwarmers. Pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and stick them in your pocket or mittens for a little relief from the cold. All materials and instruction are provided to make a pair of handwarmers and your kiddo's admission is included (discount for W+F members):

Not into crafting but still want a pair of handwarmers? I'll make you some! Drop me a line and we can coordinate colors and design, each pair is $15.

Remember to join us for Community Charcuterie on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 4p and Lego Happy Hour every Thursday starting at 4p!

See you soon for play - stay Wild and Free!


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