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Planning Summer Road Trips

This weekend, Ellie busted out a book we have called The Most Scenic Drives in America. We have a cross-country road trip planned to visit family and she wanted to see if we could hit any of the scenic drives as we traversed the Midwest.

It got my wheels turning (never a good thing...ha!) on road trips for the summer. It is hard to leave Summit County in the summer, the weather is SO perfect and it is such a short season that every day feels like a gift. That being said, we love to camp and we live in Colorado - so there is exploring to do!

If you are the athletic type who enjoys races/group rides, runs, or paddling...consider planning some of your trips around upcoming events within a drive of where you live. A lot of the outdoor summer events which were cancelled last year are back on for 2021. More into the live music scene? How about camping and going to a bluegrass festival or other outdoor concert?

Here are some ideas for planning your summer road trips here in Colorado:

Gravel Bike Races

Riding on dirt and experiencing the best scenery that Colorado has to offer - check out these new gravel bike races with some distances that might be do-able for the kiddos in your crew!

Spirit Trail Race

Running more your thing? Head to Buena Vista for this awesome trail run through the trails overlooking the collegiate peaks.

The Nature Connection

If you have kids in tow, this event in Hotchkiss, CO is for you - but it is coming up quick so don't miss out! You can travel by bike or foot for these events!

Paddle 2 Gravel

Pop over to our eastern neighbor, Kansas, and hit the SUP for this awesome adventure!

Splash, Mash, Dash

A kids Tri down on the front range - a great way to introduce the young ones to the triathlon discipline with no timing pressure!

I hope this inspires you to start planning trips for the summer! All these events are great ways to work in some activity with a road trip!

Stay Wild and Free!


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