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Our Team is Growing!! Plus...Sunday play!

I hope everyone had a great weekend (long weekend for Summit County families!). March has been a great month at Wild and Free and I am so excited to introduce you to Heidi, the newest member of the Wild and Free crew!

I have called Summit County home for the past seven years and that time has seen a lot of change in my life, including the addition of a tiny human to our lives. Beyond being a parent I own Adventure Feet First, an adventure travel and event business. When I'm not plotting out adventures for others you will find me out on the trails hiking, camping, biking, and just generally exploring the world. After multiple visits to Wild and Free while watching friends' kids I have been looking forward to being able to bring my own daughter as soon as she became mobile...we are so close and very excited to become part of the Wild and Free crew.

Heidi is starting this week and will be working the shop on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings as well as 3 Sundays a month! That is right - check out our calendar for OPEN PLAY ON SUNDAYS!!! Our first day of Sunday play is this weekend - March 27th! Hopefully this helps give more people the chance to come in for weekend play since we have a lot of weekend parties which limits our Open Play times.

So, if you've been waiting for Sunday play - your time has come! We still offer memberships and if you are planning to come in just a few times a month...they are worth it! Remember that you get 2 adults free with each kiddo AND discounts on beer/wine and snacks!

Thank you for the continued support and keep us in mind for things to do with your kids during the spring and summer as well - we will be here!


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