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Our Membership Community

The core of Wild and Free has always about gathering (this made opening during the pandemic particularly challenging...ha!). This week has been an amazing demonstration of what this can look like. We are up to 39 families with memberships at Wild and Free. All week, members have been stopping in for quick play sessions (no rationing visits!), meeting up with friends to chat while their kiddos play, and enjoying the company of other families in our community. It is just what I hoped for.

As I type this up, we have 7 member families here. The kids are getting to know each other, as are the adults. It is cold and gray outside during some of the longest days of winter, but the community in here feels strong and supported.

If you are interested in joining our community, check out all the information on the website. Memberships are designed to be the most affordable way for families to visit Wild and Free. Even if you find yourself with just a 30 min window, you can pop in for a quick play session and not worry about "burning" a visit. It helps a lot to get out of the house this time of year.

We have our next crocheting class on the books! Join us on January 24th at 4:30p and learn to crochet a heart, your $30 admission includes 1 child, 1 adult beverage, and 1 snack (Members are $25):

Register online to reserve your space and help us plan materials!

We are going to continue Community Charcuterie through the winter - it will be twice a month on Wednesdays (the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month). Advanced reservations are helpful for planning food but certainly not required!

I hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend and please reach out with any questions about our upcoming events!

Stay Wild and Free,


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