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Next Visit from Friends of the Dillon Ranger District

The snow has returned here in the high country! If you need a break from the cold - here are the hours for this week...note that we have shortened hours on Thursday so I can attend an event at my daughter's school, and we have a party on Saturday so "open play" is from 1pm - 6pm:

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 15th when Friends of the Dillon Ranger District will be at Wild and Free from 5:15pm until 6pm. Come over straight from school to play for a bit and hang around for the programming (included with your admission!). Remember that we now have beer/wine case you are looking for a happy hour meet-up! This is a great opportunity for kids to learn about the animals that call Summit County home...the scat is always a hit!

Enjoy the freshies this week and hope to see you soon!


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