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Indoor Activity - First-Aid Kit

I am a big advocate of always having basic first-aid items with you when you are out exploring nature. I went for YEARS without taking first-aid items on day hikes and short adventures. Just one more thing to pack...

Since having kids, I've changed my tune and always have a first-aid kit with me when we are heading out on an adventure. Can you ever really have too many band-aids? My daughter per together our first-aid kit at a Girl Scout meeting and it lives in the bottom of my day-hiking bag. I literally never think about it until there is a wound that requires care and I silently (or sometimes out-loud so my kids know what a great mom I am) pat myself on the back for being prepared :)

The air quality has been pretty poor here in Summit County - wildfires are burning across the state and the smoke is blowing in and out of the area. People have been looking for indoor activities to keep their kiddos occupied, so I put together a list of first-aid items that you might consider for your own DIY first-aid kit.

It is worth noting that what you carry is a total personal preference. If you are going for a walk around the pond in your neighborhood, the space blanket might not be necessary :) Consider having 2 different kits if you don't love the idea of having everything with you at all times. One that is pared down and just the basics, and one for adventures that might take you out into the backcountry.

If you are a collector of medical items, you might have a lot of this stuff on hand. If not, Amazon has everything you could ever need (or not need) for a no-contact shopping experience. Otherwise, your local pharmacy is a great spot to find almost everything on this list.

Would you add anything to this list? Our girls loved putting together first-aid kits - involving them in the process gives them some accountability and connection to the task. Before the kit lived in my bag, my daughter was the one who reminded me to carry it on our hikes. She would often be the one who wore the bag with the first-aid kit!

I hope this helps you feel more prepared for your next outdoor adventure!

Stay Wild and Free!


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