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Hut Trippin' with Kids!

We are so fortunate here in Colorado to have access to numerous amazing back-country huts. Huts give you the chance to really "get out there"...and then retire at the end of the day with a solid roof over your head.

Prepping for a hut trip can be intimidating - especially if you are new to back country travel AND you have kids in tow! Over the last few months, many of you have met Heidi and Lorelei here at Wild and Free. Heidi runs an adventure travel company called Adventure Feet First and has put together an amazing opportunity for families looking to get out on a hut trip.

August 26th - 28th, join other outdoorsy families on a hut adventure to the San Juan mountains here in Colorado. All of the food and activities (naps are included on the itinerary) are covered...along with a packing list and access to Heidi for any pre-trip questions. If planning a hut trip sounds overwhelming...then this is your trip. It couldn't get any easier:

Hut Trip Info

Make sure to get on this as reservations need to be final by mid-July! This is a great way to wrap up your summer here in the mountains before we hit mud season again!


We are heading out of town so here are updated hours for Wild and Free:

Heidi will be here for the Saturday 7/2 and Tuesday 7/5 feel free to stop in and chat with her about the hut trip if you have any questions!

Enjoy the 4th of July holiday and I hope that you and your family are finding time to get outside this summer!

Stay Wild and Free,


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