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How to Book a Reservation

As we work our way into winter, I wanted to take a minute to make sure that we have some solid instructions out there for booking a reservation at Wild and Free. Summit County has reduced the capacity restrictions again, so we are currently at 25% capacity, which is 11 total people (parents and kids included). To ensure you have a space when you come to play, you can always call or text in advance to check on capacity. If you are the planning type, you can reserve a space online!

Step 1: Visit our Calendar

The calendar on our website is your key to booking online. All of our classes are listed there as well as any special events:

Here is a snapshot of our calendar - you can see the classes (and whether any have been cancelled). Days with no classes are listed are the days we are closed.

Step 2: Select Your Play Session

Next, you will click on the play session that you want to book. This will bring you to a booking page:

Here you will register for the class.

Please fill out one registration form for each person in your party. You can use the same name, email, and phone number for everyone, but we need separate registrations so that we can stay within our capacity limits.

Example: If I were registering for my family, I would fill this out 4 times...with the same info each time (I know, it is redundant!):

Step 3: Purchase your Admission

Now that you are registered, it is time to purchase admission! You may have noticed the link on the registration page...this will bring you to the check-out for purchasing your admission tickets.

NOTE: If you already have a punchcard with visits left on it, you can skip this step!

Alternatively, there are multiple ways to purchase admission tickets or punchcards on our website:

Once you have purchased your admission, you are all set!

You can always call or email with any questions:


I am happy to reserve your space over the phone if that is helpful! I can also email you the link to purchase admission tickets.

There are also multiple links on our website to purchase admission tickets or punchcards - you don't have to do it through this class booking location.

Thanks for sticking with us through all the COVID updates and changes. I am so grateful for everyone who has been in to visit us, purchased gift cards, and punchcards to use in the future. Your business means a lot and is helping us keep our doors open!

All my best - Stay Wild and Free!


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