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Giving Thanks Locally and Thanksgiving Hours

Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! What in the world. I asked Reagan on the way to school whether we should turn on our outside Christmas lights that I dutifully put up before the snow started to fly...she said no :) Ha! She said we should wait until after Thanksgiving because she is worried that people forget about Thanksgiving and want to move right on from Halloween to Christmas (thanks consumerism...even my 7 year old gets it).

Speaking of consumerism - please give thanks and show support for your amazing local businesses this holiday season! Put together a list of ideas and hit the bricks - you can shop in person, get out of the house for a bit, and get a little exercise, all while supporting local families. Here are some ideas for you:

Stork and Bear: Main Street in Frisco...great toys, games, young children/baby clothing, books...our #1 stop for kids gifts!

Peak-a-boo Toys: Main Street in Breckenridge...TONS of toys and games!

Next Page Bookstore: Books and can pick up a great hostess gift or little something for a friend while grabbing a coffee and books for the family.

Red Buffalo Coffee/Tea: Bulk coffee and bulk tea - we love gifting both and it smells amazing when you wrap it up to ship out. Plus great local art!

Summit Locals Art Market: Everything is locally made. A number of local artists retail in this space (including some kids!), you can get something really amazing and one-of-a-kind here! Located in the Outlets in Silverthorne.

Lue Outdoors: A great selection of outdoor clothing, gear, and accessories. Located in the Outlets in Silverthorne.

Breckenridge Nordic Center: looking for Nordic gear? Their annual Nordic swap is happening RIGHT NOW, through November 22nd. This is a great way to get a good deal on Nordic equipment for the whole family!

Stay Sunny Goods: There is no doubt you will find something totally unique at Ash's shop on Main Street in Frisco. There are all sorts of fun gifts to be had in this amazing space!

The Frosted Flamingo has amazing monthly subscription boxes for babies and kids! This is a great gift idea for can get 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions (or buy a single box if you are just visiting town). The sensory boxes are designed for ages 1-4yrs and the craft box is great for 5-12yr olds. My 7 and 11 year old daughters love the craft has been hours of crafting for them!

I know one of the perks of online shopping is avoiding a trip to the post office. Shipping is such a pain this time of year. Don't forget about Just Send It in can ship all your gifts while supporting a local business!

Here are the happenings at Wild and Free this week:

Tomorrow (11/16) from 10:30a - 11:30a is our last Baby Bird Art for the November session...and we will be working on collages! Drop in for $18 and enjoy unlimited playtime and fun crafting with Frosted Flamingo!

Thursday (11/17) we have Lil' Foodies and will be making No-bake Pumpkin Balls (my kids' favorite!), and Lego Happy Hour is from 4p -6p!

All the kiddos are off for a full week this year! Here are our hours for next week - remember to always check our calendar online or call before coming over if you aren't sure about our hours!

So, with that said - I hope that you can spend the next week really getting into Thanksgiving...and not all the to-do lists that come with big meals and lots of events. More like sitting down for a hot second with a beverage in hand and connecting with your family and friends. That is why we really love the holidays, right?

Stay Wild and Free (and Thankful!),


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