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Getting outside on Earth Day (or any day)!

The humble morning walk has become an integral part of our day ever since schools shut down back in March. Our kids don't always appreciate it...but we have yet to come home from a walk in a bad mood. It really is a game changer to get out and enjoy the fresh air first thing in the morning. We put together some ideas for ways to engage your kids and make walking more fun for the whole family:

In honor of Earth Day - we did a "clean-up" walk in our neighborhood this morning. The girls donned gloves and carried plastic bags which we quickly filled with bits of trash from the sides of the road. We probably do this once a month and are always shocked by how much garbage is on the roads.

A few family walking tips...

  1. Set the bar "lets see if we can get to the end of the driveway" low. We are going for time outside, not distance!

  2. Along the lines of #1 - unless you are pushing everyone in a stroller...don't count on this as being a good workout for the adults! Since you never really know how far you are going, try and get yourself a nice yoga workout, solo walk/run, or stationary bike ride. It will make the whole experience much less stressful (and easier to manage #1 above).

  3. Get older kids on bikes - our 8 year old can bike WAY further than she thinks she can walk (though she is surely capable!). If we need the walk to be longer so that the dog can get out for her exercise, we always have bikes, strollers, scooters, or other modes of transport at the ready.

I hope some of these walking ideas help you and your kids enjoy more time outside together!

Stay Wild and Free :)


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