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Get Your Camp On - Part Three

The food - easily the most intimidating part of camping (for me at least!). Most of the packing for camping remains the same from one trip to the next, but the food is the wild card. We are building a cache of tried and true camping recipes and go-to foods that make it a little easier every time...and you know what? We've done takeout on the way to the campsite before. No shame in that!

Our favorite website for camping meal inspiration is Fresh off the Grid - as I mention in the photo above, we even make their meals at home!

Planning is the key to success when it comes to all aspects of camping. If you are a list person, have a re-usable list that you can bust out before each trip to help with the packing. Try and store as much stuff in one place as you can - this will keep the packing easy from one trip to the next...and it will be obvious if you have left something behind!

I hope this series of blog posts inspires you to get out there and do some camping this summer. The memories we have from camping trips are the best - from watching our kids run around in the forest to biking with friends, chatting around campfires, swinging in the hammocks, and playing cards in the tent...camping days are slower days where we can truly enjoy being together :)

Stay Wild and Free,


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