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Get Your Camp On - Part Two

Last week we covered the basics of what to bring on your car camping adventure. Let's get into the nitty gritty a little more and talk clothing. Part of the key to a successful camping adventure is to make sure that everyone is dry and warm (or has the ability to be dry and warm after playing in the wet/cold)!

Make sure to keep an eye on the weather as you approach your trip, and embrace the dirt! Don't bring your nicest clothing on your camping will get dirty, and part of the fun of camping is not worrying about staying pristine!

When you are packing, have a few extra pairs of underwear and socks with you...always good to have on hand, especially with kids! Remember that you can rinse out clothing and let it hang to dry...this is where the synthetics come in handy! They will be dry before you know it.

I hope this gives you some more inspiration to get outside and camp this summer! We camped again this past weekend, it was a little cooler and rainy but we still had such a great time - it is an awesome way to spend a weekend:

Next week we talk FOOD! In the meantime, have a great week and make sure to get outside!

Stay Wild and Free,


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