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Enjoying Night!

Summer is the perfect time to explore nature at night. The warmer temperatures make for mild evenings that can be spent outside, rather than snuggled up on the couch. Here are some ideas for ways to enjoy the outdoors at night!

If you are going for a nature hike at night, make sure to bring along flashlights and headlamps so that you can light the path if a cloud comes through (or if little ones start to get a little nervous). Having a whistle for everyone is always a good idea as well. You can even skip the full moon and just do a headlamp hike! It is amazing to see the landscape transform at night, and the sounds of the animals are different as well!

We used to catch fireflies and keep them in jars (with small holes in the tops) in our bedroom at night. They were the best kind of night light. One night the holes were too big and they all escaped and were flying all over the if you are going to hang onto them for a few hours, make sure the holes aren't big enough for them to get out! Try to be careful when you catch them not to squish the could even try using a bug net to make it a little easier.

I hope this inspires some after dark adventures for you and your family this summer!

Stay Wild and Free!


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