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Earlier Hours Coming in April

Indulge me for a quick trip down memory lane here...

Did you know that when we first opened Wild and Free back in 2020, we would get the day started at 9a? Back then we had set, 2-hour playtimes and everyone was required to pre-register (shudder).

Even when things loosened up in 2022, we kept the 9a start for a while, but I noticed a trend that most people were coming in after 9:30a and often closer to 10a. I also had some calls for evening hours, so we made the shift to opening at 10a in February 2022, and stayed open into the evening to catch the after-school crowd.

The poll I sent out a few weeks ago, showed a renewed interest in earlier opening hours, so we are going to give it a shot. Beginning in April, we will be opening at 9a on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week.

My hope is that people will see the value in having someplace to go in the morning before the sun works its magic and warms it up enough to play outside. We are coming up on nicer weather (maybe...ha!) and Wild and Free needs your year-round patronage in order to continue to exist!

Also beginning in April, we will be offering Nature Craft Classes. These drop-in classes will alternate between Tuesdays and Fridays each week. Check the schedule for each week's project! We are going to start off with Sunflower Greenhouses to get us daydreaming about spring!

In case you haven't heard, The Frosted Flamingo is operating out of the new Art Spot in Silverthorne! We will SO miss hosting Baby Bird Art classes this summer but are very excited for Becca and to see what she brings to this fun new space. Make sure to check out her classes and events!

Stay tuned for another Crochet and Play night with Courtney - we are hammering out dates and will get it on the calendar soon.

We had our first Adult Creative Happy Hour on Tuesday of this week and our next one is scheduled for April 11th. Bring whatever you are working on (or aspiring to start) and get a jump on your project! We had some crocheting and quilting going on this week - such impressive work!

More updates to come, but that is all for now :)

In case you need some dinnertime conversation...the spring equinox happened in the northern hemisphere this week (it was the autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere). Fun fact - the sun is traveling directly over the equator during the equinox, and there are roughly the same hours of daylight/darkness as the sun sets directly in the west and rises directly in the east. Each day moving forward will feature more hours of daylight than darkness. So yes, it is still winter here in the mountains, but you can feel the shift towards mud season...and spring for lower elevations!

Stay Wild and Free,


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