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Collecting for a Cause

My girls are collectors. They can find a treasure anywhere. Emptying out backpacks is a great way to learn about their week. "Oh, I found that mini horse figurine buried in a bush on the edge of the playground while we were playing kitties". It is actually kind of amazing and makes me realize that there are plenty of things to discover if you slow down and get into the dirt!

If your kids are collectors like my kids are - then a great way to get them outside AND volunteering in the community is to do a town clean-up. If you are reading this from Summit County, Colorado - it just happens to be town clean-up week. Whether you are a full time resident or just passing through, there is more than enough work for everyone to do out there.

You can do this ANYTIME and ANYWHERE...but if you are participating in Summit County this week, supplies for cleaning up are available at the following locations through May 23rd:

  • Town of Blue River – Blue River Town Hall

  • Town of Breckenridge – Breckenridge Public Works

  • Town of Frisco – Frisco Town Hall

  • Town of Dillon – Dillon Town Hall

  • Town of Silverthorne – Red Buffalo Coffee and Tea or Silverthorne Recreation Center

Need more incentive? There are GIFT CARDS on the line...yes, you can receive a prize for your efforts. Just tag the town that you are cleaning on Instagram and you are entered to win:

So, I'm not seeing a downside here. When Reagan did the clean-up on our morning walk yesterday, a Town of Silverthorne truck was driving by and took the trash she had collected so that she wouldn't have to carry it all the way home. They also thanked her which made her realize how important her work is to the community. She now wants to do it every morning :)

So if you are home with the kiddos and just need to get out - grab some gloves and trash bags and give some love to the Earth - go collect some trash!!!

Stay Wild and Free,


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