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Bring a Friend Promotion

Help us spread the good word about Wild and Free! Next time you come in to visit us for a play session, make sure to bring a friend! Existing customers who bring in a new friend to Wild and Free will earn $10 credit towards a future admission/punchcard! Your friend gets a treat too...10% off their admission or punchcard purchase on the day that they come in!

What are the rules?

  1. You are an existing customer.

  2. Your friend has not yet been to Wild and Free.

That's it! Just mention that you are doing the "Bring a Friend" promotion when you come in to play.

You can use your $10 credit towards a single admission, punchcard, snacks, birthday party, whatever you'd like! Your friend gets their 10% discount on their admission that day...whether it is a single drop-in or punchcard.

Please reach out with any questions and thank you so much for continuing to spread the word about Wild and Free. We are so happy to be here!

Stay Wild and Free,


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