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Best of you love W+F?

Wild and Free has been nominated in 3 categories in the annual Best of Summit contest up here in Summit County! If you have a few minutes to spare...cast your vote for us for Best Indoor Activity, Best Family Activity, and Best Kids Party Place:

Vote W+F Best Family Activity

Vote W+F Best Indoor Activity

Vote W+F Best Kids Party Place

Thanks for your support! We are really looking forward to seeing what year 3 has in store...

A special shout-out to the families who joined us on the Fairy Trail for the Family Trail Day with Friends of the Dillon Ranger District! We moved A LOT of mulch, neighbors came out to spruce up the trail, and it looks amazing. Make sure to check it out before the snow starts to fly!

Here is the crew heading out with the first wheelbarrows full of mulch! The trail is now mulched and the edges are trimmed back for easier walking.

Most of the houses are now perched on piles of mulch to help them stand out a bit more among the tall grasses and plants.

Enjoy the last bits of summer break up here in the mountains! Looking forward to seeing you at Wild and Free soon!


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