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Au Naturale Mother's Day

The all important celebration of Mothers happens on Sunday, May 9th. Need some ideas for ways to celebrate a mom in your life? Whether she be your grandmother, mother to your children (fur or human), or a mother-figure, here are some nature-based ideas for how to show her some love:

  1. Plan a hike - the key here is to take HER on the hike...she shouldn't be the one planning this outing. Pack up some snacks, water, maybe an adult beverage, and get all the troops out on the trail. Or, if you know she would rather have some time to herself, pack her a bag and send her out the door!

  2. Make her a nature bouquet - depending on where you live...there may or may not be wildflowers blooming. We are mostly growing grasses and a few bulbs up here in the mountains, but a small bouquet of something natural can be so simple and beautiful.

  3. Take her on a picnic - Make or pick-up some sandwiches, find a peaceful spot, and enjoy an outdoor picnic...or if the weather is bad, spread out a blanket inside and do the same! Maybe give her a nature bouquet to decorate the blanket in the house :)

  4. Make her some tissue paper flowers - we tend to save tissue paper to re-use on gifts, if you have some tissue paper you can make a flower! If you don't have any...stop by Wild and Free this week and your kiddo can make tissue paper flowers during their play session!

However you decide to celebrate this weekend, make sure to give her an extra hug and let her know how much you love her. As mothers, that is all we really want anyway (well, maybe some ice cream too).

Stay Wild and Free,


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