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A loneliness epidemic

A news headline caught my eye this morning - the US Surgeon General is touting the importance of social connection in the midst of what he calls the "Loneliness Epidemic". Here in the US, in person interactions are down over two decades ago, with young people aged 15-24 suffering from 70 % fewer social interactions that 20 years ago. Oof. Those are tough numbers. Our digital obsession is largely to blame, with people turning to social media for "community" at the expense of in-person interactions. I think it is important to note that the trend in isolation began before the pandemic (which obviously did not help matters...).

Did you know that in-person social connections are good for your health? Think: Lower stress levels, improved physical and mental health...a community of healthy individuals makes for a stronger community overall.

As an introvert - social interactions can be intimidating. I loathe schmoozing and shallow conversation. It is mentally exhausting. The good news is, you don't need to be a social butterfly to reap the benefits. I can honestly say that since opening Wild and Free, I have met more amazing people than I ever imagined I would. Our community in the mountains is full of caring, thoughtful, and kind people. Wild and Free is here to get the amazing families and caregivers in our community together IN PERSON to foster those connections.

Join us for Family Pizza Night every Wednesday in May (except the 17th...) - enjoy pizza while you play and hang out with other families:

Send Dad out with the kids for "Donuts with Dad" next Saturday, May 13th. Dads get to meet up for coffee and donuts while the kids play...and Mom ideally gets to go hang out with her own friends for a win! Please pre-register for this limited space event:

Our most recent Nature Based Craft Class was super cute - the kiddos made wind chimes from recycled materials! This week we are going to make porcupine sculptures:

Remember that classes and events are FREE OR REDUCED PRICE for Wild and Free Members! All the more reason to join our addition to being able to drop-in for play whenever you'd like! We've had mostly members in for the last few weeks and it is so much fun to see the kids and adults getting to know each other. It's all about the community!

Speaking of which - don't forget that this Friday is the Locals Appreciation Party for the Silverthorne First Fridays! Out on the lawn by Theater Silco, this is one of our favorite First Friday celebrations.

Hope to see you all soon!

Stay Wild and Free,


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