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Fairy Trail



Wild and Free is proud to sponsor the all new Fairy Trail here in Summit County!

What could be more magical than hiking through a fairy forest? Fairies love to build their homes in quiet, wooded spaces all over the world. We are so lucky that they have chosen Silverthorne for their home! They tend to show up as the weather warms in the early summer, and move along when the snow starts to fly. Ready for your fairy adventure? 

Kids and adults will love this short (~1/4 mile) hike located right in downtown Silverthorne. Plenty of parking and playgrounds at both ends of the trail make this a great way to spend a few hours outside.

Fairy Trail Rules

Stay on the Path

All of the fairy homes can be observed from the trail! 

There are delicate plants, bugs, and animals inhabiting this area, please keep your feet on the trail and look with your eyes - fairies are peaceful, quiet creatures who do not like to be handled!

Leave No Trace

Pack in and pack out!

Please do not add to the fairy trail - any additions made by visitors will be taken down. 

Please also be respectful of the land surrounding the fairy trail - trash should be packed out or disposed of appropriately in garbage cans. It is a privilege for us to be using this land and our responsibility to keep it clean!

Thank you for enjoying our trail responsibly!

The Fairy Trail is located in Silverthorne, adjacent to the open space on the west end of downtown. The easiest way to get to the parking is to take 5th St heading West until you hit Brian Ave. The parking lot is across the street from where 5th intersects with Brian Ave. You will see a playground and soccer field in front of you and the Fairy Trail starts at the break in the fence on the far side of the soccer field.

Map to Trail.png
Fairy Trail Map.png
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